Manage sales, the right way

CRM, pipeline management, sales performance and forecasts for small/medium companies, all in one place.

Finally, the whole picture

Without effective processes, it's difficult to follow through a deal to the end and predict if it will make a difference for the company.

Saleswith gives salespeople the tools to close more deals and managers the insights on sales success.

Follow A Deal, From Start To Finish

From the first contact to the first invoice, track and manage every step of the sales process. 

See every step of the sales pipeline, beautifully organized.

Optimize The Sales

Organize and schedule routine tasks like meetings and phone calls, and just focus on closing more deals.

Save time and increase sales efficiency.

From Deals To Successful Projects

Progress visualization, accurate revenue forecasts, data and stats about your deals.

See what works and what doesn't, and hit the business goals.

Simply smart features

Pipeline management

Visualize all the staps to winning a deal

Light CRM

Keep your leads in one place

Activity scheduling

Never forget let a deal grow cold again


Accurate revenue prediction

Stats and data

Track, monitor, and improve the sales process

And much more!

Ready to Close more deals?

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Saleswith is a product of DM Digital SRL, developed with love in Modena, Italy


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